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Felonies & Misdemeanors

Federal Offenses


VOPs & Early Termination of Probation


With personal freedom and liberty on the line, the decision on which attorney to hire is an important decision.  Every criminal case is unique and requires it own unique approach. 
While I do have significant Trial Experience and am proud of the Trial and Appeal Records I have compiled over the past 27 years, some cases might require that they be worked out and resolved pre-trial. Knowing when that needs to be done, however, requires the skills and knowledge of an experienced trial attorney, who is able to identify issues in the case, and can best advise on the options available.
With 27 years experience practicing law, appearing daily before judges, prosecutors, and court personnel throughout  the State, I have developed the skills, knowledge and professional relationships to achieve the best possible results for my clients. Whether that means trying to get the best plea offer, filing the right motion to attack the evidence, or taking the case to trial - every criminal case is unique and I ask that you consider allowing my proven trial and appellate experience to come to your defense

Sean Conway Law Firm, P.A.

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