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Over 25 Years Experience


I am a trial lawyer.
Since 1996, my law practice has focused on Family Law and Criminal Defense.  In addition to having represented hundreds of people in Family Law matters, I have defended people accused of serious criminal offenses throughout the State, with over 75 Jury Trials (and at least seven times achieving a 'Hat Trick': the rare event of a defense attorney getting 3 consecutive acquittals in a row).  

I was raised in Broward County, and after
 graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Business, I studied law at Florida State University.  Upon admission to the Bar, I was an Assistant Public Defender for over 7 years, representing people on charges ranging from traffic offenses to First Degree felonies.  My efforts have been mentioned in the local newspapers and TV news, and I have also been featured in the Wall Street Journal and NY Times.   I was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1996, and am also admitted to practice before the Federal U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.  


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